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If you believe in yourself and trust the process

you will achieve your dreams!

Welcome to Momof1plustwo Fitness

For Moms that have put their health and fitness goals last on their to do list due to caring for their children, the craziness that comes along with it, or think “I don’t have time” to take control of their health and incorporate fitness into their lives with clean eating for the ultimate one/two punch.

I promise to help all Moms become the healthiest they can be on the inside and out, regardless of time constraints, current fitness levels, or more by offering at home workout programs and meal plans from one of the top fitness companies. I will work with you individually to find the best solution for you, provide accountability, support and guidance to make sure you achieve what you desire.

As a mom of three (oldest with severe disabilities and youngest are boy/girl twins) with a full plate, high stress and a love of eating lots of food, I understand. I have used all of the excuses that exist to not workout or make ME a priority in the past.  I have learned how to stop using those excuses and learned to love taking care of myself.  I am confident that I can help you be the best version of yourself as well.

I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach after the first person noticed the results I was getting from the Beachbody workout program I was doing.  That person consequently decided to purchase the program themselves as a result of my results! That was exciting and empowering to me, because though I’d never have dreamed in a million years that I would be a part of helping someone in their fitness journey, here I was, helping others out of pure enthusiasm! I found myself telling someone what worked for me, what I’d tried, what I’d heard someone else say worked for them, and giving encouragement.  People helping people – from all around the country – working towards one common goal: Reversing The Trends of Obesity: One Relationship at a Time!


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